Digi School Online Class

Digi School Online Class

Digi School online class is established to promote IT education and e-learning opportunities and has partnered with Galaxy Higher Secondary School. Digi School online class has a partnership with the UK awarding bodies to introduce Computer courses to schools and colleges. The students will be able to get online resources, learning platforms at a reasonable cost.

Today, the world is changing with digital transformation. There is no field that is not using technology. The importance of technology has become as mandatory as English.

Award in Computing ages 14-16

  • Developing Problem-Solving Skills
  • Testing Computer Programs
  • Protecting your online presence
  • Computer Systems
  • Programming in multiple languages
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Computer Logic and Number Representation
  • Accessibility
  • Online Collaboration Software
  • Cloud Computing

New Admission

Students seeking admission to Galaxy Public School (+2 in Management) are required to provide their education profile: SEE or equivalent degree with minimum Grade ‘C’ for Management.